SiteLogistix is a leading provider of legal document and data hosting services. We combine superior document review products with legal and technology expertise to manage case data exactly as clients demand, and with efficiencies that other companies cannot offer. Our project managers are expertly trained to help clients choose the right tools for their case and our discovery professionals have in-depth knowledge of the legal technologies and procedures needed to collect, process, and maintain litigation data in a seamless and defensible way. SiteLogistix’s state-of-the-art data facility is equipped with the IT infrastructure and personnel required to ensure that clients can access their data reliably and securely.

SiteLogistix takes great care in extracting, converting, and cataloging relevant data to ensure that every data set is accurate and complete. We perform all electronic processing (de-duping, culling, etc.) using the best tools and practices in the industry. Investments in these technologies allow our customers to learn immediately what evidence they have, while drastically reducing the amount of documents to be reviewed. Similarly, SiteLogistix makes document analytics simple and efficient through the use of advanced technologies such as document clustering, categorization, conceptual searching, predictive coding, and email thread analysis. We provide our clients with not only the ability to search, code, redact, and produce documents, but also the tools necessary to track the speed and quality of a review.