Lives. Dollars. Reputations. Justice.
A lot is riding on your case preparation.

Who will you trust to collect, process and manage data throughout the eDiscovery process? Consider SiteLogistix. We understand the evidentiary value a well-executed eDiscovery engagement delivers. We understand some cases move fast. Some are highly technical. Some have tight budgets. Whatever and wherever the case, SiteLogistix is ready. Because we understand what’s at stake.

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Accurate Pricing Based on Value, Not Volume.

In the realm of eDiscovery, there are clearly high value targets. At SiteLogistix, we take the time to classify data according to its case relevance. That way, you only pay for processing data that’s relevant to your case. Nothing more. And when there’s millions of pages of potentially discoverable information on the table, the savings can add up. So give us a bit of your time upfront with your case materials, and we’ll ensure you get a reasonable, accurate estimate of the resources required for your engagement. Give us a call today.