Forensic data discovery is a highly technical field, requiring trained experts with specialized knowledge about how to recover deleted files, preserve metadata, and maintain proper chain of custody. With experience in many criminal and white-collar cases involving both state and federal regulators, SiteLogistix can help you navigate this highly technical process.

Defensible Collections

SiteLogistix has the knowledge, resources, and experience to identify and execute defensible preservation and collection strategies no matter the source, volume, or location of the targeted data. We regularly conduct data preservation, analysis, and collection in our forensic lab, on location, and remotely using state-of-the-art forensic technologies and proprietary tools. We specialize in value-driven methodologies that mitigate risk and minimize day-to-day business operations. Our team of forensic experts and professionals provide peace of mind with a proven track record of defending their work product in investigations and in multiple jurisdictions.

Scalable Data Processing

We leverage the power and scalability of multiple e-Discovery tools as well as our proprietary software for maximum flexibility and minimal processing time. With multiple options for indexing, deduplication, threading, filtering, and analytics at our disposal, our clients reap the benefit of true early case assessment and investigation. Our data engineers are solution-oriented and provide accurate, timely results to clients’ real-world questions.

Forensic Services:
  • Date Preservation and Assessment
  • Forensic Data Collection (Remote, On Premise, Cloud)
  • Reconstruction of corrupt or deleted data
  • Data Lifespan Analysis and Investigations
  • Expert Reporting and Testimony
Forensic Collection Data Sources:
  • Servers, Fileshares, Archives & Workstations
  • Mobile Phones & Tablets
  • Webmail, Cloud Applications & Social Media
  • Structured Data Sources
  • Windows, Apple, Android & Linux Operating Systems
Data Processing Services:
  • Forensic Search, Filtering and Culling
  • Deduplication and Email Threading
  • Metadata Extraction
  • Communications Analysis
  • Review Preparation and Hosting